Bruno Balzani

Argentinian. 30 years old entrepreneur. Product manager, dev enthusiast and crypto advisor. Business Administration & Information Systems major at Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA). I am interested in the unique ways humans and computer interact.

Actually working at 🔥, hacking all king of DeFi products & protocols. Also a POAP Friend, creator of both apps (iOS & Android). With 🔥 we were finalist at #HackMoney with

I co-foundedCollegia and Bualajobs! (first latam recruiting site for students and young talents), Lavalo (biggest wash and fold laundry service in Buenos Aires) and Membar for iOS and Android.

Best project I worked at was Thoth (operational research company pushing the frontiers of trading technology). I used to work at Monits (software factory acquired by as product manager of many big clients projects. I also did a short visit to the corporate world working at Exxon Mobil.

I spend my time working for the private sector with different sort of projects (e-commerce, fintech, travel and blockchain).

Other (outdated) projects that help to enjoy my days:
- follow ethereum wallets movements.
- Ginebrapp: new way to experience News.
- Luciano´s Pizza: chat-bot to request your pizza.
- Glich: like Udemy, but founded in 2009.
- uber-like service for taxis agencies.
- TheIcebucketchallenge: story telling with data.

I love data, products that matter and good teams. Also I am a biker, a sailor (captain wanna be) and a mountain people. Part-time traveler.

I enjoy helping people with their own projects. If you have one and you think I can help, drop me a line.